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 Participating Bands 2021:   

Aurora High School

Bolivar High School

Buffalo High School

Carl Junction High School

Carthage High School

Clever High School

El Dorado Springs High School

Glendale High School

Hillcrest High School

Hollister High School

Houston High School

Lebanon High School

Logan Rogersville High School

Miller High School

Monett High School

Mount Vernon High School

Neosho High School

Nevada High School

Odessa High School

Ozark High School

Park Hill South High School

Parkview High School (Exb.)

Raymore-Peculiar High School

Reeds Spring High School

Spokane High School

Warsaw High School

Willard High School

Windsor High School    

VMBF Judges 2021:

Chris Church
Jonathan Hall
Todd James
Drake Melson
Linda Huck
Brian Silvey


Valhalla Marching Band Festival -

Saturday, October 1, 2022

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Classifications will be according to the number of all playing members (winds and percussion) in each band. Classes will be determined 2 weeks prior to the Festival date. All bands will perform in the class assigned according to the deadline (2 weeks prior to Festival) even if the band has fewer playing members the day of the Festival. If on the festival day your playing members exceed the class in which you are entered, your band will automatically be moved to the next class.
Bands will be divided into four equal categories.
A = fewest number of playing members;
B = bands larger than A
C = bands larger than B
D = remaining bands larger than C

A $275 application fee is required (all entry fees are nonrefundable)

The first 32 schools to return application (including entry fee) will be selected (date payment is received will be criterion for selection). Bands 33 - 40 will be considered "alternates."
Order of appearance for prelims for new bands will be determined by entry date and classification. Returning bands will appear by their placement the previous year. Performances will be in the following order:
Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
AWARDS Prelims: Division ratings will be announced and recognized at the Prelim Ceremony as follows:
Outstanding Achievement Awards: The following may be awarded at the discretion of the judges, in each division. 
Outstanding Drum Major(s), 
Outstanding Auxiliary Unit, 
Outstanding Wind Section, 
Outstanding Soloist, 
Outstanding Percussion, 
Outstanding Marching & Maneuvering.

The finals competition will consist of the top band from class A, B, C, and D plus the next eight highest scoring bands (Ten bands total in finals!).
Order of appearance for finals will be by two drawings of the finals participants. The five lowest scoring bands regardless of class will draw for the first five finals positions. The five highest scoring bands regardless of class will draw for the sixth through tenth positions. All finalist bands must arrive to JFK Stadium for their performance no later than 10 minutes late from their assigned performance time or they will forfeit their performance spot. 
Finals Awards: Valhalla Marching Band Festival finals trophies will be awarded for 1st thru 12th place plus Outstanding Drum Major(s), Outstanding Auxiliary Unit, Outstanding Wind Section, Outstanding Soloist, Outstanding Percussion, and Outstanding Marching & Manuevering.